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Why consider exporting to Dubai?

Dubai is a hub (entry-point for the GCC).  All the GCC (Gulf Coastal Countries) markets have the same exact labeling requirements & halal certification stringencies (on meat imports only).  This makes it easy for imported products to be re-exported out of Dubai.  50% of food & beverage imported into UAE is re-exported to other countries (mainly other GCC countries).  90% of exports in the UAE are out of Dubai, and the exports out of Dubai are doubling annually.

Things to consider about the Dubai market:

  • 80% of imported goods are either consumer-ready or intermediate products
  • 60% of imported goods are consumer-ready products
  • 40% of all hotels currently being built (under construction) in the GCC are in Dubai alone
  • The Dubai airport has become the #1 international airport worldwide, surpassing London Heathrow
  • Tourism is increasing rapidly, so the demand for foodservice products continues to grow
  • Main foodservice customers are
    • Hotels
    • Airline catering
    • Fast food restaurants

The largest GCC markets for consumer-ready products in order are:

  1. UAE (Population of 7-8 million)
  2. KSA (Population of 30 million)
  3. Kuwait (“A far 3rd,” Population of 4 million)

Things to consider for KSA:

  • 5 million pilgrims/year visit Mecca
  • World’s biggest oil exporter (largest oil reserve)
  • Government is spending $400 billion on new infrastructure across the whole country, which will bring lots of jobs to KSA and increase the population (consumer spending)
  • Foodservice is a huge market and demand for foodservice products is likely to increase due to tourism and government spending

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The year is 1918.In Detroit, horse-drawn carriages have fully given way to automobiles, and yet, who really cares. Because over in New Iberia, Louisiana, Adam Estilette & Jacob Frank partner up to create a hot sauce perfectly spiced with a rich blend of cayenne peppers. Bless their spicy hearts.


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