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Our Grandfather David at a local grocery store after coming to Seattle in his later years

Escaping war & oppression, our grandfather migrated from Jerusalem to New York in the 1960s and worked as a janitor when he first arrived. All he wished for was to create a safe environment for his children and grandchildren. He struggled to make ends meet, so in addition to his janitorial duties, he would purchase groceries from a local grocery store and sell them door-to-door in upper-middle-class neighborhoods. Remember, no internet back then so no online ordering!  He felt extreme pressure of putting his family at risk of being homeless. Two weeks passes, and still, this was not enough money. He got a note from his landlord that if he did not pay next month’s rent within a week, he would be evicted. He was depressed, afraid, and anxious.

Even though he felt a loss of hope, he feared that his dream to create a safe environment for his kids would fail, so he still went to the grocery store that morning to try to come up with the rent. On that day, while he was picking out groceries, a man named Alexander tapped him on the shoulder, “Hey you’re David, right?”  “Yes, how do you know me?” our grandfather responded. Alex said, “My kids loved the new chocolate you brought by a few days ago, thanks for coming by with goodies!” Alex was also an immigrant from eastern Europe, but he migrated about 10 years before our grandfather did. As you can imagine, they instantly connected that day.

Alex was a tall, well-dressed, businessman who had lots of influential contacts in New York. Within just 2 days, he introduced our grandfather to one of his friends that was looking for a great salesman to help grow his business. Alex also connected our grandfather with local suppliers in New York, which lead him to getting lots of discounted products. Our grandfather barely made rent within that week, but the following months, his income would begin to grow. An important connection came to our grandfather when he least expected it, that is why we should never lose hope that we are just one connection away from lives being changed.

Today, we connect people all over the world to America’s Best Grocery Brands.  We help American manufacturers get their product in front of billions of people all over the world through our extensive international network we’ve built as a family since the 1960s.  We also help international retailers all over the world get the American Products they need in their stores through our extensive network of U.S. manufacturers. 

We simply create value through connections, something that is deeply personal to us and reminds us of our grandfather. We hope you choose to connect with us and share your story.

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Our global market coverage includes Southeast Asia to the Pacific Rim, the Caribbean Islands , Latin America, parts of the Middle East including GCC, various African regions (including DRC, Kenya, Libya, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt & Senegal) , and Oceania (Australia , New Zealand , PnG, Micronesia, Guam, & Samoa).


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